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“Xanta is meant to compensate for that lack of provider-client interactivity. Its AI-assisted front-end solution replaces either a human operator or menu-driven client interactions with customer service by intelligent natural language
Budapest Business Journal | Levente Hörömpöli-Tóth

Simple and natural interface


Ask questions – intelligent dialogue system

Creating the next-generation banking experience

An AI-assisted natural language driven front-end solution to create the next-generation banking experience.

XANTA is designed to help service organizations – especially banks – to enhance and partially replace human operator or menu-driven client interactions in customer service with intelligent, computer assisted personalized natural language conversation.

XANTA allows companies to significantly reduce their operational costs while maintaining strong and flexible human customer contact.EIT Digital set up the Digital Finance Action Line in 2018 to support the creation of innovative tools and services to help he finance industry adapt to the challenges it currently faces. Robust yet agile, tailored financial services are essential for economies, citizens and enterprises.

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